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Shelin David

Experience & Activities

With over a decade of experience in the mergers and acquisitions sector, Shelin has become a trusted advisor for business owners looking to maximize the value of their ventures. Her extensive track record includes facilitating numerous successful buyouts and sales of businesses across various industries. This vast experience positions her as a leading figure in the realm of business sales, ensuring that her clients achieve optimal outcomes when transitioning their enterprises.

With a deep-rooted expertise in finance, strategy, and operations, Shelin has carved a niche for herself in the startup and scale-up advisory landscape. Her work at CFOWorx, especially within the realm of SaaS business models, has seen her play a pivotal role in capital raising initiatives, having secured funds up to $15M. Furthermore, her expertise extends to guiding businesses through the intricate process of valuation, due diligence, and negotiations, ensuring they secure the best possible deals.

The modern CFO’s role is multifaceted, and Shelin embodies this evolution. Beyond mere numbers, she delves into areas like marketing, regulatory compliance, and business development. Her approach is holistic, ensuring that startups she advises are not only financially sound but also strategically aligned.

Beyond her role at CFOWorx, Shelin founded Women For Impact (a community for female founders and female investors to connect) and serves as an advisor on several non-profit and corporate boards. One of her notable achievements includes being invited to speak at a fireside chat at a prominent SaaS conference alongside the respected startup CFO, Jeff Epstein (current Operating Partner at Bessemer Venture Partners). This recognition further underscores her influence and innovative thought leadership in the startup finance domain.

Shelin’s passion lies in reshaping traditional business models with technology-led products and services. She’s not just about numbers; she’s about impact, sustainability, and innovation. A community advocate, she believes in the power of collective action and has built strong networks to unearth investment opportunities, manage talent, and provide value-added services, all while championing social purpose.