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Neil Mckay

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In my 20 + years helping business owners achieve their goals and aspirations I would say I have seen every type of scenario that you could come across. Whether it is a small capex funding transaction or a complicated structured loan the critical requirements are similar, the client wants to be in possession of the asset or have the funding that enables revenue generation to happen immediately.

With experience as a lender including 15 years as a senior executive with one of the world’s leading financiers GE Capital, I am able to assist clients to present their business and it financial capability in a way that gives the application the best possible opportunity to be approved in the fastest possible time.

My role is to listen to your needs and what is important to you and deliver that in a financial solution where you as the customer can feel the value that I have added to the process.

My personal goal is to add value to your businesses, and it is why I love this industry. I often reflect on the number of fulfilling transactions that I have been involved in over the years that have delivered a successful outcome to the client particularly those that at times are in difficult circumstances. Sometimes the deal can change the course of a business and there is no better feeling than being a part of that.